Every year we face the finale of our year, it’s traditionally linked to everyone departing for holidays, family get together and a chance to chill.

So what normally happens at your work?

Traditionally someone or a group of someone’s are made responsible for coming up with an event that will ensure the boss can make a speech, thank a few including themselves, all dress up and look ridiculous, take 100 selfies, drink too much and…..

Without generalising, the person(s) responsible for organising this event are sadly the persons who are least valuable to the business. Why would your busiest or most business savvy person be consumed with buying crackers and finding a restaurant that is available?

Let’s turn this around, the year-end function should not be a waste of time or money, it should actually be an event that show cases your values, your appreciation for others and act as an inspiration for all to give more next year.

So where do we start?

Before you even select the person, senior management should apply their minds to the following, namely:

  • Our priority objectives
    • Achievements
    • Recognition
    • Celebration
    • Inspiration
    • Fun
  • Budget
  • What to include or not include
    • Set alcohol limits
    • Set behavioural tolerance
    • Who should be there
    • Entertainment
    • Fun
    • Speeches and formalities
    • Transport
    • Safety and control

This brief should be handed to someone who is responsible enough to ensure the event WILL be special and will ensure all the objectives are met. This is not a job for an intern or office junior. Here are a few new and fun ideas that may just stimulate your juices:

  • A Digitised Amazing Race , ending at a restaurant of your choice.
  • Creating a Newsroom where the team create the news for the future of your business.
  • Know your Superpower, whereby the team use the function to help each other find the super powers that each will need to rely upon next year.
  • A days rafting and island-hopping and dining alongside the beauty of the Vaal River.

Planning months in advance allows you to remain creative, inspired and motivated to make the right choices to add flair and excitement to an otherwise overrated function in people’s schedules… and make a difference to those who matter most….YOUR STAFF.

At HISIDE Events, we see everything in life as an event of some kind. Our passion is making sure events work and creating an experience that is enjoyable for all who attend.

Do you want to inspire and entertain your staff, motivate them to challenge the norm, fix what is not working, or transfer knowledge?

At HISIDE Events we make it happen.

Contact us for forward-thinking planning, dynamic teamwork, and unforgettable experiences from the boardroom to ballroom blitz.

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