Why Invest in Corporate Gifts?

Worst Fear?

Your suppliers arrive and drop off a basket of something, it’s the same as last year, same as everyone elses and it often ends up being dished out to staff, taken home to your domestic staff or re-engineered as Christmans gifts!

There is a limit to how many bottles of wine, chocolates, diaries, USBs and gadgets you can accumulate on your desk!

If you are going down the “gifting” route, think about this…

The best gift is your consistent Service

Don’t ever think that a diary will give you a new service contract, your Integrity will give you a much better chance.  Maybe as a gift, ask you client one thing that you can do better!

Be appropriate

We know that sometimes the lines between professional and personal relationships are often blurred. With clients that are strictly professional, you can get a gift that is in line with this type of relationship.

Make it personal

Don’t go for cheap mass-produced gifts. If you cant make it different or interesting don’t bother!

At HiSide Events we make it happen.

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