Who needs a Travel Desk?

Due to the advancement of online facilities and our own transformation into this wonderworld of technology, most of us are now able to book a flight, a room and even a transfer without having to communicate with a “travel agent”, as we are now THE TRAVEL AGENT! This for most has been an epiphany of sorts.

But…oh yes there is always a BUT!

The downside is when we as amateur travel agents make a mistake and suddenly we start looking east, west, up and down for someone to blame or save the day. Well get over it, no-one in todays world of digital precision will give you the time of day let alone a refund.

If you ever took the time to check all the rules and regulations, terms of acceptance and legal clauses (which we don’t), before pressing “pay”, you would probably never press that life changing button. The reason is simple, FEAR! We just don’t know everything there is to know about booking and we just hope that the vendors we use are really nice people and will help us make a change if we press the wrong button, or have a change to make in our itinerary. Have I pressed any buttons yet?

Well, about 3 months ago, I realised that several of our clients were also having kittens when allowing a decentralised approach to allowing Managers and Department Heads to organize their next conference via a receptionist.  We had instances where we would be tasked to organise a super precision slick conference and then to find out that half the delegates were on non-scheduled flights or arriving a day early or late or even arriving at the wrong airport.  It’s not a nice place to be when this type of “error” surfaces and I have watched Executives and Managers move faster than the Olympic record holder for sprinting, Usain Bolt, to avoid the aftermath of such calamities.

So, “do you need a Travel Desk?”  I reckon you can work this one out… my next installment will be to let you know what to expect from this Travel Desk and at what cost.

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