HISIDE now offers tailor made VIRTUAL EVENT SOLUTIONS so that the show WILL still go on…


-Your delegates are safe and entertained

-Customisable & scalable to any event or audience size

-Your timelines can be as flexible or timebound as you wish

-Your event can be accessed from anywhere in the world

-You can achieve the same outcomes as an ordinary event

-Pre and post training can be incorporated into your event

-You can still motivate your team with virtual teambuilding solutions

-Advanced brand activation both pre and post event

-Positive carbon footprint points

-The ever-changing weather is no longer a factor

-No need for the added costs and frustrations of travel and accommodation

-New exciting technology experiences

-Your content is as public or private as you wish



Using an existing studio set up or with a portable studio within your own space – we will create your brand activation backdrop behind your presenter for your live stream message.This can be with a designed backdrop, TV talk show set up, mock-living room, virtual conference / event stage or even a greenscreen to push the limits of creativity.

Through a technical studio set up we take your message from multiple presenters to multiple viewers with a click of a button with live interaction and content engagement.

Use a chat function application with ease and engage in your viewers concerns, comments and queries in real time.

All of these elements can be viewed through a shared link,
app or website for a short or prolonged timeline.

* Combine this with a recording for a dual event.



Lights, Camera, Action… you now have the ease of recording and editing the perfect message for your audience. Pre-record your event and send it out to your viewers.
Then track the engagement thereafter.

You can also combine these recorded segments into all the other virtual event platforms, but due to it being pre-recorded – it can be edited to best suit your creative direction and timeline.

Pre-record live entertainment without timeline worries. Retake that shot that just wasn’t quite right.

Through multiple view points, you can create virtual walk throughs and hologram installations for exhibition or event re-creations. The skies are the limit.

* Combine this with a recording for a dual event.



Introducing you and your brand to the world of Virtual Reality.

This avenues takes your Live Streaming or Recorded Event options to the Next Level! In the comfort of your viewers own office/ home, they are immersed into your creative brand activation, concept launch or just a fabulous fusion into technology.

Using a delivery of Virtual Reality Goggles or Frames clipped onto a smart phone, we can take your viewers to a new world of possibilities & experiences like no other.

This platform can also just be used as a smaller insert of the virtual event itinerary – for an experiential motivational speaker, a team-building activity or even just a launch video. 

The options are endless.



Don’t FORGET these other add-on’s:

Add an event app or website to ensure your events branding and communication interaction is inline with your goals

Add in an event experience that will include training, teambuilding, entertainment and even décor

Add an event app or website to ensure your events branding and communication interaction is inline with your goals

Add in an event hub starter pack per viewer

Overall we will work with you to tailor make your best virtual experience.


The HISIDE Experience

"A MASSIVE shout-out to you and the HISIDE team – You were incredible, and I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for assisting with all the invites, the recordings, the feedback all weekend, and the liaison between us and the studio. You guys are GEMS, and we appreciate you! Thank you again!"

Martine Martin

"Dear Trudi, I just want to thank you, John & the rest of the HISIDE team for a fantastic RWC2023 trip. Everything went very smoothly and was run very professionally. Our customers are all still talking about the trip which is great to hear."

Grant Palliser

"Dear amazing HISIDE team, Once again, thank you for an awesome conference. We really appreciate all the hard work that you put in towards ensuring that every little detail is perfect. You girls are awesome and I loved seeing you again. Hope 2019 is an incredible year for you all"

MSD Member

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