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Designation: HISIDE Events Director

About: “Ask me I know everything” – the badge reads upon our Hiside shirt. This is what Trudi strives for and is known for. All her HISIDERS proudly follow suit in the execution of the HISIDE WAY! She really does know everything there is to know about planning and running events. They say “dynamite comes in small packages”, well BANG, here comes Trudi! An absolute icon in the industry; she has built up her experience over many years, along with creating and establishing one of the largest Event Coordinating Companies in the country. Founder & Shareholder of HiSide Events in 1999. Developed the Events Group to current turnover of R100 million. 2017 formed a BEE compliant company with the offering of shares to Meina Maube and Gertrude Molepo, both who had worked within our Group for several years. Group Sales Director and mentoring of HiSide Eventing in both Customer Relations, Sales & Marketing.


Designation: HISIDE Events Director

About: Gertie is made of tough stuff. She has worked tirelessly to build herself up from challenging beginnings. A team player who never complains, but only ever exudes positivity and a go-getter attitude. You often hear Gertie before you see her – with her infectious laughter and love for life, it’s no wonder that she  finds herself within the Events industry. Started with the HiSide Group 2015 as a general clerk. Promoted to PA of HiSide Events Director in 2016. Offered a 25,5% shareholding in HiSide Eventing Pty Limited in 2017 and took up a position on Group Accounts to develop her accounting knowledge.  Appointed as a Director of HiSide Eventing. In 2020, took up a position in Group Sales to develop her sales knowledge.


Designation: HISIDE Events Director

About: One of the longest standing HISIDER’S: “Ma Meina”, as she is affectionately known by all that have the pleasure of meeting her. She acts as MOTHER HEN to all her HISIDE chickens, always making sure we take our vitamins, pack that warm jacket and keep out of the rain. She is the much needed loving carer that all our staff appreciate within this high paced industry of ours.  Started with the company in 2005 as a PA to the Training Director. Became Office Manager in 2015 as the HiSide Group became 5 companies.  The opportunity arose in 2017 to start a BEE compliant company and she became a 25,5% shareholder of HiSide Eventing PTY Limited Continues to manage the HiSide Group Office and acts as a Director of HiSide Eventing.


Designation: HISIDE Group Accounts Manager

About: Carin counts and calculates in her sleep… and not only sheep. Her number skills protect both our clients and Hiside, all the while keeping everything above board and in line. The calm in the storm – here comes Carin! Carin’s number mastery, understanding of compliance and governance for of the HISIDE GROUP help us steer through challenging times. Carin has over 10 years Finance work experience.  Starting with HiSide in 2010 as a Clerk, left in 2012 to gain experience, returning in 2016 to run our Finance division. Through Carin’s management she ensures fund allocation, protection of both our clients & Hiside interests, & reporting for Hiside Group of companies.


Designation: HISIDE Incentives Manager

About: Candice is the X-Pert when it comes to rewarding and incentivising your teams. With many years of experience behind her belt, Candice’s always brings in the Wow factor; making your team feel appreciated and rewarded for their hard work. She started working for HiSide in 2005 as a Junior Event Consultant. Over the past 15 years has worked her way up through becoming an expert of the specialized event requirements within the different industries – namely Pharmaceutical, Finance, Motor and the Food industries. And has run two of HiSide Event’s biggest accounts and in the past 3 years has taken on a new challenge of growing HiSide’s Incentive division, with her highlight being taking over a group of 230pax to the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Tokyo Japan. She was also nominated and won the MICE 2019 WOMAN OF THE YEAR award – which is an industry acknowledged award.


Designation: HISIDE Travel Desk Manager

About: Madele – or as we call her “Madi” will take you anywhere in the world, with a click of a button. She looks after all our valuable clients travel needs, whether by car, plane or train, locally and internationally. She has earned her stripes as an events coordinator through blood, sweat and tears, and has now specialized as a Travel Desk Guru due to her attention to detail, client management, industry knowledge and the request for the best rate! Madele has an International Diploma in Tourism Management. Her journey with HiSide started in 2012 where she worked in-house as an Events Co Ordinator at MSD Pharma. After many years of growth and experience, Madele was given the opportunity to start our new division – the Travel Desk – which specializes in arranging Flights, Transfers and Tours.


Designation: HISIDE Group Bookkepper

About:Elizabeth is our Quickbooks boffin, and just as far as she has travelled to pursue her career goals here in South Africa, she will go that extra mile for everyone in her team, her clients and her community. Elizabeth has studied several courses in her field and is a true lifelong learner – always eagerly willing to expand her experience, and broaden her knowledge. As with most Accountants, her meticulous approach and attention to detail, ensures all our accounts balance immaculately, making her an invaluable addition to our Accounts team. But unlike most Accountants, she is a bundle of spirited energy, infectious laughter and lovable joy the moment she walks into any room, which is highly appreciated by all of us within the Hiside Group.


Designation: HISIDE Events Coordinator

About: Soft and sweet, but tough and tenacious. Zelda is the perfect balance of going the extra mile, but not taking any nonsense along the way. Her perfectionism and persistence makes her a fabulous Events Co-ordinator. Zelda is HiSide’s newbie and joined the team in 2019. But don’t let Zelda’s newbie status fool you, she comes with a wealth of experience having worked in the Events industry for the past 5 years. Her attention to detail and customer service is praised by all her clients.


Designation: HISIDE Group Creative Designer

About: Jamie has studied Design, Digital Design and Project Management. She joined the Hiside Group in 2011 as an Events Co-ordinator, and over the years Jamie has developed herself in a range of skills within different industries from the Wine Industry to App Design, from Tourism to Marketing, from Hospitality to Interior Design. She now manages the Creative Strategy, Brainstorming and Design solutions for our clients as well as the Hiside Group. Give her a word, a thought or a value and she will take it to the heights it deserves.


Designation: HISIDE Group Director

About: Not many people can control a room quite like our long serving “el presidento”, otherwise known as JB or Johnny Teambuilder. He is a born leader, and takes every moment to inspire, develop and transform his staff, clients and community. John found boredom in being a Chartered Accountant and as such, founded the HiSide Group in 1992, starting a River Rafting business called Hadeda Creek then an operation on the Tugela where the local community were engaged to run the operations. The teambuilding division was a natural extension along with his love of motivation and learning within Hiside Training. He introduced HiSide Event Management with his partner, Trudi Freed in 1999. Helped develop the BEE compliant HiSide Eventing with Gertrude Molepo and Meina Maube as shareholders. Currently trying to retire and put more time into golf, mountain biking, bowls, rowing and whatever challenges come along, and in his spare time acts as Group Consultant in Strategy and Operational Excellence.


Designation: HISIDE Group Operations Director

About: Steve is the Group’s “Mr Calm”. He joined his Dad to run the Teambuilding Division and it didn’t take him long to accelerate the small operation to the now highly competent Beyond Teambuilding. The COVID crisis forced Steve to develop virtual teambuilds and all through the period he and his team were super busy running “cutting edge” teambuilds on the virtual platforms. Today Beyond Teambuilding  ranks as one of the top teambuilding companies in South Africa and along with the Hadeda Creek River Rafting Operation, Steve and his buzz of Teambuilders, with enthusiastic vigour as they take on more and more challenges.


Designation: HISIDE Group Operations Manager

About: Lance is our energiser bunny, and a buff one at that. He will quite literally carry your event to the next level through sheer determination and strength. With a background in marketing, he is always aware of the reasons and possibilities for the event in connecting its message and brand across to all delegates – especially when it come to the addition of his dynamic MC ability.


Designation: HISIDE Group Operations Consultant

About: Kabelo is an old soul trapped in a brilliant young mind. He started in the events world running massive school programmes, but quickly moved on to training in the corporate world. His youthful training style is refreshing and the message he shares bely his young age. His attention to his clients’ needs is humbling, yet be aware of this tentative sweetheart, as he is known to make you laugh ‘til you cry!


Designation: Teambuilding Consultant

About: Saprin, or “Saps” as he is fondly called, is one of those individuals that we proudly state as a “True Hisider”!  With his mighty 10 years at Hiside, this legend has tackled many crazy moment, insane deadline, and seemingly impossible task all with a smile on his dial and chuckle in his step. He has mastered the talent as an accomplished radio host and MC of both the physical, virtual and hybrid events. He is the personification of a chameleon, manipulating his personality to suit any event’s needs, from small to grand, with quick wit and charm – that’s the true magic of Saps!


The HISIDE Experience

"A MASSIVE shout-out to you and the HISIDE team – You were incredible, and I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for assisting with all the invites, the recordings, the feedback all weekend, and the liaison between us and the studio. You guys are GEMS, and we appreciate you! Thank you again!"

Martine Martin

"Dear Trudi, I just want to thank you, John & the rest of the HISIDE team for a fantastic RWC2023 trip. Everything went very smoothly and was run very professionally. Our customers are all still talking about the trip which is great to hear."

Grant Palliser

"Dear amazing HISIDE team, Once again, thank you for an awesome conference. We really appreciate all the hard work that you put in towards ensuring that every little detail is perfect. You girls are awesome and I loved seeing you again. Hope 2019 is an incredible year for you all"

MSD Member

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