Meet the team


Designation: Events Director

About: Trudi knows everything there is to know about planning and running events. The saying “dynamite comes in small packages” rings true with Trudi. An absolute icon in the industry; she has built up her experience over many years, along with creating and establishing one of the largest Event Coordinating Companies in the country.


Designation: Event Director

About: Gertie is made of tough stuff. She has worked tirelessly to build herself up from challenging beginnings. A team player who never complains, but only ever exudes positivity and a go-getter attitude.


Designation: Event Director

About:Ma Meina, as she is affectionately known. A mom to all her chickens in the office, always making sure we are looked after, taking our vitamins and keeping out of the cold.


Designation: Group Accounts Manager

About: Carin counts and calculates in her sleep….and not only sheep. Carin’s number skills add and multiply to our diverse team compliment.


Designation: Group Operations Manager

About: Nicola is as organized as organized gets. She puts our processes in place and ensures the troops stay in line. Mitigating risks is her forte…here she comes with her “red flag”.


Designation: HISIDE Incentives Manager

About: Candice is the X-Pert when it comes to rewarding and incentivising your teams. With many years of experience behind her belt, Candice’s always brings in the Wow factor; making your team feel appreciated and rewarded for their hard work.


Designation: HISIDE Travel Desk

About: Madi will take you anywhere in the world, with a click of a button. She looks after all our valuable clients travel needs, whether by car, plane or train, locally and internationally.


Designation: Creative Strategist/Graphic Designer

About: Mathew is the rose among the thorns, and has brought a creative flair to our team and elevates the creative strategies, not only internally, but most importantly for our valued clients. Mathew brings our ideas to life and is a strong asset to our team.


Designation: Events Manager

About: Tarryn is creative, dynamic, and an expert in the industry. Events project management is her superpower.


Designation: Events Coordinator

About: Samantha (aka SuŚan) is the perfect example of “work hard and play hard”. She’s a machine when it comes to running her clients’ events; with her calm nature, ensuring her clients are always at ease.


Designation: Events Coordinator

About: Soft and sweet, but tough and tenacious. Zelda is the perfect balance of going the extra mile, but not taking any nonsense along the way. Her perfectionism and persistence makes her a great events coordinator.


Designation: Events Coordinator

About:She has earned her stripes as an events coordinator through blood, sweat and tears. When asked for one word to describe herself, Sharon shouted RED. No, not bulls and matadors, but love, passion and a fiery spirit.


Designation: Events Coordinator

About:We recently welcomed Princess Leya to our troop. One tough cookie, she is a refreshing addition to our growing team and we look forward to seeing her blossom in the Events Industry.

The HISIDE Experience

"Dear Taryn, Trudi and amazing team, Once again, thank you for an awesome conference. We really appreciate all the hard work that you put in towards ensuring that every little detail is perfect. You girls are awesome and I loved seeing you again. Hope 2019 is an incredible year for you all"

MSD Member

"Thank you for arranging this impactful event for the board."

EO Member – Rudy Foo

"I just want to say a "BIG THANK YOU" to you for the amazing event you put together for us on Thursday. It was truly the best I have ever been involved in arranging. I have received only compliments. You were great to work with. Thank you for not flinching with all the changes and especially those that were last I am so grateful to you."

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