Trudi Ingram

How I Make It Happen: Giving Bold Ideas, Center Stage

Emma Murphy

How I Make It Happen: Your Vision, My Passion, Every Event

Candice Smith

How I Make It Happen: Creating Magic, One Event at a Time!

Lillian Baloyi

How I Make It Happen: Elevate Your Event, Elevate Your Brand!

Gertie Molepo

How I Make It Happen: I Don't Do Ordinary, I Do Extraordinary!

Kelly Noffke

How I Make It Happen: Where Imagination Meets Innovation!

Madele Boyd

How I Make It Happen: Turning Visions into Vibrant Experiences!

Romy Meurer

How I Make It Happen: Innovate. Celebrate. Captivate.

Natasha Magaya

How I Make It Happen: Setting the Bar High, Then Going Higher!

Paula Jorgensen

How I Make It Happen: Elevating Experiences, Every Time!

Lynne Baines

How I Make It Happen: The Artistry of Eventful Moments!

Stephanie Crause

HOW I MAKE IT HAPPEN: Where Bold Ideas Find Their Stage.

HISIDE High Fives

"A MASSIVE shout-out to you and the HISIDE team – You were incredible, and I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for assisting with all the invites, the recordings, the feedback all weekend, and the liaison between us and the studio. You guys are GEMS, and we appreciate you! Thank you again!"

Martine Martin

"Dear Trudi, I just want to thank you, John & the rest of the HISIDE team for a fantastic RWC2023 trip. Everything went very smoothly and was run very professionally. Our customers are all still talking about the trip which is great to hear."

Grant Palliser

"Dear amazing HISIDE team, Once again, thank you for an awesome conference. We really appreciate all the hard work that you put in towards ensuring that every little detail is perfect. You girls are awesome and I loved seeing you again. Hope 2019 is an incredible year for you all"

MSD Member

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