How to Deliver Valuable Content for Industry Events

As industry events and business conferences become more popular and more competitive locally and abroad, event organisers have to meet new challenges and offer real value to audiences.

Content is still king, and the audience engagement to this content determines whether the event is well-received or not. What can you offer your specific audience that no one else can? Curating the best content for an industry event or conference is certainly a challenge – but one you can overcome with some good advice – and a bit of luck.

Create a Memorable Theme

Take the time to brainstorm ideas to decide on the type of content attendees would appreciate the most. Consult with trusted industry experts, client, vendors, and friends that fit the guest profile. Ask what they are looking forward to hearing and learn from such an industry-tailored event.

Decide on a specific theme based on your audience profile, and make it super-focused. The theme, as well as the content, has to be well-defined. A niche perspective helps. For example, for an IT industry event, rather opt for a specific topic, e.g. “strategies for creating a winning multi-million dollar app” than just generalities around app development.

Focus on Real Practical Value

Know and make a point to mention what benefits and real value the guests are getting by attending the industry event. This step alone can make the difference between a crowded room and empty seats. List and communicate the benefits in the clearest way possible.

Another important point is that industry conferences are often perceived as ‘sales-y.’ It is perfectly acceptable to have vendors sponsoring various sessions and panel discussions. However, attendees generally respond better to case studies than straight sales pitches, so have this in mind when you plan your event.

Invest in Brilliant Keynote Speakers

The most important decision regarding the content of your industry event is the choice of keynote speakers or panel discussion. Your choice has the power to keep attendees’ interest and set the tone for the entire event, so choose wisely.

To make the most out of speaking sessions and keep the audience interested, keep your sessions short, and provide speakers with clear guidelines and specifics about the audience and their interests. Review the content before the event to make sure it fits the event.

Finally, industry content and expertise can be presented to audiences in different formats, with various engagement levels. Decide on the most suitable format – Q&As, panel discussion, break sessions – with interactivity in mind. And do not forget to make it fun!

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