Host an Epic Launch Party

Whether you have a new product or a whole new business, one of the most important things is going to be the launch party. It is where you introduce your product or business to the world and where you show people what type of value you have to offer.

But first, you need to enlist the services of a team to help you stand out from the crowd. HiSide Events should be your first stop to planning an epic and memorable launch party.

So where do you start?

Always Ask WHY?

A golden rule we have in events is to always start with the WHY. The WHAT and HOW become a lot easier after that.

Build “Cred”

If you have the reputation already, then it is easy to excite or interest market players, but what if you haven’t got the “cred?”

You have to create it by making the launch something that others feel they can’t afford to miss. The build-up, the tease, the FOMO issues all need to be managed well. It is not a time for amateurs!

Build Your Invite List

You should know who you want to attend, if not, then don’t go any further! Once you have who you want, ask yourself the BIG question: Why would they want to attend or why wouldn’t they want to attend. Once you have honestly answered this question, the rest is a lot easier.

Do Not Clash with Other Big Events

No brainer!

Be Unique and Sensible

To make your launch memorable, look for a venue that is unique and will provide a good ambience for your launch party. That is the easy part, now let’s consider all the reasons that put people off attending:

  • Inconvenient time
  • Too early/too late
  • Too far
  • Too inaccessible
  • Drinking and driving constraints

Make sure you cover all these by finding solutions to every reason ‘why not,’ and giving them to your invitees!

Make it Memorable

Budget plays a big role as the sky is usually the limit when it comes to making events memorable. We know this, and have learned that there are many WOW factors to make a launch memorable and engaging:

  • Something that shocks the comfort zone of guests:
    • Scary entrance
    • Controversial speaker/MC
    • Memorable experience or show
    • A “take home” reminder that you have to show to others or want to keep for a long time
  • Something that you know will keep the guests “talking” long after the event
  • Something that “pricks the conscience” or makes the guest realise that they are missing out if they don’t engage or buy.
  • Something that gives them an edge over those that didn’t

At HiSide Events we make it happen.

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