Future-proof Event Planning Trends You Need To Know About

Out-of-the-box thinking, hands-on experience, strong teamwork and the Midas touch – that’s our recipe for successful event planning. Technology advances, global trends and consumer preferences add to the excitement, providing plenty of sources of inspiration.

Recurrent TEDx speaker, futurist and consumer trend watch Sheryl Connelly identified a few important trends driving event planning this year and beyond. Here is what to expect, and we have to agree:

Value-added Experience

Clients get pickier season after season and look out for value-added benefits to get the most out of everything, including events. Some things companies strategise for their upcoming events are stimulating activities, lasting connections, mindful networking, and personal learning experiences.

Taking time to oversee every aspect of an event is, you guessed it, every event planner’s job. But here we are not talking about the usual: it’s those little add-ons, often considered unseen or insignificant, that will make all the difference. Think convenience, versatility, and multifunctionality, and you get the picture.


Personalisation is no longer just about ensuring every attendee’s name is written down on tags. Event planning has shifted to a more inclusive approach to offer attendees the opportunity to weigh in some of the strategy, sessions and activities before the event.

Personalised suggestions are more than welcome and a reality thanks to artificial intelligence and apps giving attendees real-time customised information according to their preferences on topics, key speakers, and even attractions outside the conference itself.


The world is busy celebrating gender, sex, religion, cultural and opinion diversity. This fresh perspective sparks more creative thinking and innovation in event planning. Celebrate diversity with engaging keynote sessions, contrarian ideas and hot debates.

As society continues to welcome diverse opinions and interests, stimulate attendees to think big and expand their comfort zones. Include activities and entertainment options that shine a spotlight on diversity and encourage personal growth and learning.


Wellness and wellbeing might represent the opposite to the often fast-forward and demanding rhythm of conferences and corporate events. While it is important to meet the event’s goals and keep attendees on the ball, do not forget the importance of breaks.

Give participants a dose of mindfulness and relaxation to recharge their batteries, foster creativity, or simply provide the breather they need to reflect. New event planning trends include wellness activities – preferably outdoors – and creative workshops.


Going green is not new, but employing resourceful and sustainable practices in every aspect of event planning is a hot topic that will remain relevant for years to come. Think reusing, repurposing, and recycling content.

Event planning that adds some ingenuity and creativity by using props and décor elements made from biodegradable and recycled materials, fair-trade food options, or sustainable corporate gifting is bound to be applauded and remembered.

At HiSide Events, we see everything in life as an event of some kind. Our passion is making sure events work and creating an experience that is enjoyable for all who attend.

Do you want to inspire and entertain your guest, motivate them to challenge the norm, fix what is not working, or transfer knowledge?

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