Entertainment Options for an Unforgettable Corporate Function

Of course, your company wants to make its next corporate event the most memorable one yet?

Any corporate event you have should play a very important role in the company’s journey of development and success.  A year-end function, for example, celebrates the past year’s achievements and acknowledges the team that delivered those achievements. If it’s just to get free drinks and lunch, then don’t bother reading further.

The choice of the right venue, food, theme, message and entertainment are all very important considerations. Let’s consider entertainment and why?

It is proven that after an event, the number one memory will not be your speech (even though it was very good), the colour of the table napkins or the dessert served. It will be the “entertainment,” so make sure it is good and represents what you want the event remembered for.


This person is the custodian of the success or failure of your event. Ensure they coordinate the proceedings properly and not off the cuff. If they mix humour into their presenting process, make sure you brief them on the do’s and dont’s and the demographics of your team. Remember it’s not about you or a few; this is your teams’ day, make sure you make them feel both entertained and respected.

Entertaining Décor

Tables that smile and frown, flowers that laugh, walls that erupt into a volcano spewing out fireballs, table clothes that catch fire, a floor that becomes a tsunami, a roof that starts to move up and down and talk, all just happening when you least expect it.

Contests and Self Entertainment

A bit of friendly competition can liven the mood of the corporate event in no time. An idea for this could a skit, karaoke, dance off, showbiz, or pub-quiz-style trivia game focused on questions about the business, about other staff members, about the industry, about anything! Staff will not complain if there are a few prizes up for grabs as well. Don’t let this be the reason for the function and limit this to no more than 80 minutes.

Corporate Comedian

A comedian can lighten the mood by poking fun at the many facets of working life that border on ridiculous. However, select someone who will use clean language and keep to light humour or business-related topics.

Impact Entertainment

HiSide have enjoyed creating what’s know as “unexpected entertainment” as this catches everyone by surprise and helps create memories and most talked about moments during an event. Flash mobs, industrial theatre, virtual activations, video mapped entertainers, projection mapping, Circus Acts, Experiential Acts and Stunt Acts all help create a difference.

Social Photobooths

People have enjoyed taking photo booth selfies since 1925. Strangely enough, nothing has changed in the past 93 years. It is a fun way to get guests to interact and remember the event fondly. Selfies will happen on autopilot, so why not post them on a private WhatsApp for that day.

Live Music

Planning an event by yourself can be an overwhelming task, especially with large-scale functions. Music has two dimensions for an event; the first is impact where the band must be something that everyone says WOW to, or a never been done before collaboration. This can be a live act or a name DJ to help you dance the night away. The second style of music is that we use to create the ambience for the things in between.

It’s so important to use entertainment to make the memories special, and HiSide Events do just that.

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