“Don’t worry…We’ve booked the venue already!”

Picture this scenario – your client has called for you to run an event for them. But this time they have had one of their staff book the venue because they got a really good rate and they know the manager – sound familiar?

We have found this trend to be one that has been on the increase and for all intents, we don’t have a problem with assisting our clients with this request. However, think about this, it’s very similar to your friend booking your flight, or the local electrician organising a doctor for your child’s birth. The examples are endless and easy to understand. At HISIDE, we have learned to prepare for the many risks that appear with such transactions

Let me give you the classic “what could go wrong scenarios”, most of which have at some time happened and hopefully won’t in the future;

  1. You arrive at the venue to find that the client could not pay on time and the guests are banned from entry
  2. You find that the guests cannot check-in as they are early, and no room has been organized for the “early birds” to leave luggage or relax.
  3. You find that the “special rate” confirmed does not cater for morning teas or dinners
  4. Your biggest competitor has also booked, and you will have to share the facilities
  5. Your competitor has paid for exclusive branding, and you haven’t
  6. You have to share the lunch area with the public
  7. The beds are the wrong configuration
  8. Pre-setup and strike of the conference will cost and extra R 5000 for each
  9. The venue is not JOC compliant, and a JOC clearance will require a further R 20 000
  • The conference room allocated has pillars blocking the AV view
  • The Ts and Cs do not allow you to bring in outside caters for Halaal or Kosher delegates
  • No 3-phase electricity available
  • The conference next door is having a “noisy motivational launch.”
  • The venue is restrictive to what can be bought onto the stage for display purposes
  • You find that the main entry is having renovations
  • The car park cannot accommodate your bus, so your delegates have to walk 200 meters and oops, it’s raining.

OK, maybe all these will never happen at the same time, but it’s all about you wanting to make sure your client does not suffer from the embarrassment of even one of these happening.

For this reason, we at HISIDE justify our existence by ensuring we cover all these potential dramas by managing the venue from the start and only putting forward a venue that can comply with all the clients’ expectations.

When a client books the venue, it is critical that we warn them of the potential risks and then help them help themselves by offering a venue management service.

It is often proven that the ‘bargain you think you get today, becomes the nightmare you walk into tomorrow.

Quick Tips

  • Proactively advise your clients of the risks inherent in booking their own venues and suppliers
  • If they have booked a supplier, offer them the service to manage the risks and operation complexities.

John Ingram

Director of the HISIDE Group

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