Choosing an Event Planner for Your Year-End Function

This is not a conference! It is a very special event; it’s about fun for some very special people…YOU!  It will help you find the Event company that can make your vision a reality while staying within a prescribed budget.

How do you get a vision for your year-end function? Be careful of the Committee thinking process, rather go to the Event Planner, let them know what you have done before, give them your budget and limitations and get them to do all the thinking for you. They will give you a few good ideas. Now take those ideas back to your Committee or decision makers.

Go local when looking for an event planner. Choose one who will be able to source local suppliers for your venue, décor, food, entertainment and at a reasonable price.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing the perfect planner for your year-end corporate event.

  1. Planning

Don’t leave this too late, remember there are some 6000 companies in JHB all wanting to end their year in the same week! Start planning no later than September.

  1. Budget

Be realistic about what you can afford to spend on your year-end event to avoid any hiccups later on. Don’t ask for champagne when you know you can only afford beer. Compare your budget with the event planner’s and ask them to disclose all the costs involved, even their fees, before agreeing to go ahead.

  1. Execution

Once you make a decision with the event planner, stick to it. Often a big mistake you make is trying to manage the event yourself. You may be more than competent and committed, but what about the fun, it’s your time as well. Get the Event Planner to do the onsite management and let your hair down.

TIP: Get a bar auditor as this will ensure you do not get ripped off with the drinks bill!

At HiSide Events we make it happen.

Contact us for forward-thinking planning, dynamic teamwork, and unforgettable experiences from the boardroom indaba to a gala evening extravaganza.

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