Choosing a Speaker for Your Year-end Function

There is no doubt that one of the most fundamental entertainment elements to a year-end function is choosing good speakers. From the keynote speaker to other presenters for the agenda such as the Master of Ceremonies (MC), this choice alone can be the difference between disaster and an excellent event!

In South Africa, we have one of the most diverse work environments in the world, and this creates a multitude of challenges in the selection of a speaker.

If your speaker gets a resounding applause and injects a “spark of thinking” into your company, then you did really good.

We at HiSide Events advise the following when you look to select a speaker:

  • Understand the function/event objective and always realise what the speaker will offer to reflect this.
  • Make sure your speaker has a good referral or track record. Nothing wrong with going for the untested but you had better make sure you are prepared for the risks involved. If this is the case, then spend more time on point 3 below.
  • Clearly define the expectations and scope to the speaker. Do not let your speaker find their own scope and highlights. Preferably watch their previous talks or recorded versions.

It is often prudent to ask yourself the following questions before the final confirmation of the speaker:

  • What will the team learn from this, and will it add value to their life and development? Be careful that the choice of speaker is only because you want to listen to him or her.
  • Will the speaker make an effort to engage with the audience afterwards, either with a Q & A or other forms of interaction?

HiSide Events have extensive experience in coordinating speakers and entertainers for all types of events.  We have a wide network of speakers, and we ensure that finding the correct speaker/s for your event is a breeze.

At HiSide Events we make it happen.

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