Ask your Travel Desk!

Now that we have jumped hook, line and sinker into the TRAVEL DESK world, it is important to understand what to expect from such a service. Firstly, everyone is, in fact, a personal Travel Desk as you can run around the world in 80 days looking for whatever you need ONLINE. The problem with this is twofold, firstly the wayward finger problem where you push the wrong button, and suddenly your trip to the Amazon ends in the North Pole and it’s all non-refundable. The other problem is your credit card which you think belongs to you,  but suddenly every crook and hacker is using it to buy gifts for their friends and families.

This is where the TRAVEL DESK does have its obvious advantages as it absorbs the risk of both of these problems.

The other more hidden advantages obtained from your friendly TRAVEL DESK is that is talks to you and asks you questions about WHY you actually want to do this or that and redirects you towards better options that are not always obvious to first-time “bookers”. There are some places to avoid at all costs, and even though the glossy brochure promises heaven on earth, the reality is that you wouldn’t want to be there even if they were giving out free rooms and cocktails.

The TRAVEL DESK will quickly search and find the best prices and make sure that the cheapest is not cheapest for the wrong reasons. Linked into finding an appropriate place to go is the art of coordinating flights, transfers, tours, menus, emergency and medical provisos, and just about everything else that could and will go wrong on a trip.

Alongside our TRAVEL DESK is our INCENTIVES DIVISION which looks after Groups of human beings that need to be awarded, rewarded and just made to feel really good. The combined expertise in these two sectors of our business ensures you get the best of knowledge both for your company and the individuals travelling.

We are excited by the challenges,  and our Travel Desk team are primed and ready to whisk you and your team or colleagues to your next destination!

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