A Q&A with a Travel Incentives Manager

Voyage to exotic places, meet new people, enjoy delicious cuisine and learn about new cultures – sounds like an absolute dream, right?

Well, this is all part of Incentive Travel and it might just be the best tool for driving positive growth within your company and improving employee performances. An incentives trip offers companies the ultimate way to motivate and reward their employees – through travel!

Incentives are used to motivate employees, reward high-achievers or spoil clients. Incentive travel can vary greatly in duration, budget, location, style and so much more – the company dictates the type of trip wanted and HISIDE Incentives takes care of the rest!

Want to know more? Let’s dive into the world of Incentive travel!

Candice Smith, the head of HISIDE Incentives, has answered some questions about HISIDE Incentives and incentive travel. Candice has been part of the HISIDE Group for many years and has managed HISIDE Incentives since its formal inception in early 2019. Read on to find out what Candice thinks of incentive travel and get a sneak peek into an upcoming international voyage she is managing…

What do you think the best part of being part of an incentives trip is?

Everything is planned for the guests and all the details are taken care of – the guests don’t have to worry about a thing. This allows them to fully relax and enjoy the experience!

What does an Incentives trip entail?

An incentives trip allows companies to reward and acknowledge staff and take them on a trip that they would not ordinarily experience! Incentives trips allow guests to experience the weird and wonderful and allow companies to think outside the box.

What experience or activity is generally the most popular with guests?

Anything where they get the chance to experience something different or explore a different culture.

Why should companies invest in travel as an incentive reward?

Incentive travel trips offer companies a really great way to reward staff for their hard work and acknowledge their dedication!

What is a recent location you’ve travelled to that you enjoyed?


You’re currently busy with a massive HISIDE Incentives trip – taking a group to Japan to watch the Rugby World Cup.  How big is the group traveling to Japan, and where will you be traveling to?

We are taking 220 people to Tokyo.

Will the group be watching any of the Rugby World Cup matches while they are there?

Yes, we will be taking them to the bronze finals and the finals of the tournament.

What is the one thing everyone must do in Japan?

Try out some of their more unusual food – they have some really different cuisine that is very interesting!

HISIDE Incentives has grown organically from our sister company, HISIDE Events. Being in the industry for more than 25 years, our valuable and loyal clients approached us to assist with events and travel to incentivise their top performing staff members and their most esteemed clients. We found a need in the market to partner with our clients in showing their appreciation to those who matter most.

To find out more, please visit www.hiside.co.za/incentives

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